Businesses have a great marketing opportunity with Capital Public Radio's 7 stations  (KXJZ, KKTO, KXJS, KXPR, KXSR, KUOP, and KQNC). Our combination of radio stations delivers a core 35-54 influential demographic. In short, it is the best educated, most affluent, and most active audience  available. Businesses use underwriting or sponsorships to drive listeners to events, showcase a new product, brand their business, or to build credibility in the community.

Become a Capital Public Radio Corporate Underwriter

Underwriting, the sponsorship of programs or dayparts on Capital Public Radio, allows your business to reach over 400,000 listeners each week. Public radio provides a "halo" effect for businesses that support it. Corporate supporters are able to reach our highly educated, affluent, and culturally discriminating audience with their message. And with our audience of business decision makers and "influencers" underwriting is highly effective for business-to-business marketing and advertising.

Support Those Who Support Us

Capital Public Radio's corporate underwriters demonstrate their commitment to public radio's independent nature and innovative programming and audience. Underwriters have the opportunity to build a relationship with an extraordinarily important market segment that appreciates their support of public radio. This creates a loyalty unique to public radio. By understanding and embracing the unique nature of our audience, underwriters are able to reach an audience that is not accessible through other media and is extremely loyal.

Advantages of Underwriting

  • Minimum clutter - by airing a limited number of announcements per hour your message receives listener attention
  • High Time spent listening - your message is heard because our listeners stay tuned for longer periods of time (7+ hours)
  • Underwriter satisfaction - 80% of listeners prefer to buy products from public radio sponsors, when price and quality are equal - 84% of underwriters say public radio has met their marketing expectations
  • Halo effect - Underwriting enhances image, projects quality, credibility and stability resulting in listeners being more apt to learn more about and do business with the underwriter

Capital Public Radio Media Kit

Please contact Capital Public Radio's Managing Director of Underwriting & Corporate Development at (916) 278-8913 to obtain a current radio media kit including program information, demographics, etc.

Contact Underwriting Department

For more information about marketing your business, service or product on any of Capital Public Radio's stations, please contact:

Craig McMurray
Managing Director, Corporate Development and Underwriting
(916) 278-8913
[email protected]

Lisa Cooper
Underwriting Specialist
(916) 278-8952
[email protected]

Diane Dulberg
Underwriting Specialist
(916) 278-8932
[email protected]

Rick Graffis
Underwriting Specialist
(916) 278-8938
[email protected]