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Record Store Day

"Your Favorite Holiday is Back." That's the slogan of Record Store Day 2011, a celebration of the communal hubs of all songs recorded. If you haven't yet seen the list of special releases sprinkled across so many stores this year, whet your appetite here.

This weekend many of the Sacramento shops will have sales, live music and more as you dig deep in the bins looking for rare Captain Beefheart 7-inches, lost Beck recordings from 1990 or the odd offering by The Brothers Johnson.
Below is a handy guide to what Sac stores are offering this Saturday.

RSD - PhonoSelectPhonoselect | 2312 K Street | (916) 400-3164 | Nicholas Lujan (owner)

Free In Store Performances:
12pm Sea of Bees
2pm Dog Party
3pm Eric Warren
DJ's throughout the day

Record Swap
Pizza from Luigi's Slice
Raffle Prizes

RSD - The Beat 2

The Beat | 1700 J St | (916) 446-4402 | Rob Fauble (owner)

Lots of exclusives from major record companies
A gift to every paid customer as THANKS for the support


RSD - RecordsRecords | 1618 Broadway | (916) 446-3973 | Kevin Hartman (owner)

Bands & DJs performing through the day
Collaborating with Dimple Records
Sidewalk Sale with Used Record Dealers
Eschewing most NEW RSD items (outside small producers & local artists) as Records favors rare and pre-owned vinyl.

RSD - DimpleDimple Records | 2433 Arden Way | (916) 925-2600 | Dilyn Radakovitz  (owner)

20% off all Vinyl
Live Music


Gold Panda's Companion

Three EPs & One DJ


GP - Companion CoverGold Panda's latest release isn't exactly his latest. Companion, a 3 E.P compilation, works as a point of reference for 'Panda's process to one of our favorite electronic outings of last year (Lucky Shiner). Companion bares all of Gold Panda's beats and atypical samples that indelibly stamped Lucky Shriner with depth amid danceable melodies.

Much of the mood on Companion isGP - Lucky Shiner - Cover introspective but as is often the case with Gold Panda's music, the beats are always fresh and carry an air of optimism.  The opening track, "Quitters Raga" is one of our favorites (and a few others of note).  It highlights the influence of J-Dilla's MPC production style on Gold Panda as he just rips a stunning Indian sample to shreds. 

If you enjoyed Lucky Shriner but missed the EPs leading up to its release then Companion is your chance to catch up.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Play List

The Kills: Heart Is A Beating Drum - from Blood Pressures FindBUY
The Morning Benders: Cold War (Star Slinger Remix) - from Japan Echo EP
Girls Names: Seánce on a Wet Afternoon - from Dead To Me FindBUY
Maritime: Annihilation Eyes - from Human Hearts FindBUY
Gold Panda: I Suppose I Should Say 'Thanks' Or Some Shit - from Companion FindBUY
Raveonettes: Summer Moon - from Raven in the Grave FindBUY
Dengue Fever: Cannibal Courtship - from Cannibal Courtship FindBUY
Errors: A Rumour In Africa - from Come Down With Me [Vinyl] FindBUY
Prinzhorn Dance School: Seed, Crop, Harvest - from DFA Records - 2010 Compilation
Death Set: Michel Poiccard Prefers the Old (She Yearns for the Devil) - from Michel Poiccard FindBUY
Greg Proops: Casual Disco Style - from Proops Digs In! - The Inimitable Comedy of Greg Proops FindBUY
Edie Sedgwick: Sissy Spacek - from Things Are Getting Sinester and Sinesterer FindBUY
Del the Funky Homosapien: Pearly Gates - from Golden Era FindBUY
Lake: Roger Miller - from Giving & Receiving FindBUY