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Tera Melos

How Patagonian Rats as the realization of Malcolm Gladwell's "10,000 Hours Theory"

Spend any Sunday with experimental rock band Tera Melos and you'll learn a thing or two.

1). They've shared the road with Mike Watt
2). Nick Reinhart is an avid admirer of Brian Setzer
3). Marnie Stern met Richard Nixon when she was very little
4). Drummer John Clardy's tongue is bigger than the inside of his mouth
5). A cartoon of bassist Nathan Latona's face makes for a good logo (see above)

Tera Melos DrumsTera Melos Keys

These facts, while fascinating, take a back seat to the sounds you'll find on their latest full length Patagonian Rats. It's the album Reinhart calls the record he's always wanted to make.

Our conversation yields pretty terrific fruit about the Sac Music Scene (or the perception of it at least), the origins of record label Sargent House and the rigors of what's next.

Plus: Arch made O.A.'s very first animated .GIF of Nick Reinhart playing guitar. Enjoy the epilepsy.

TM & OATera Melos Bass+Guitar
Tera Melos Lead Guitar

Friends of Melos

I'm reminded: Starfucker is on this week's program.


New Beastie Boys 

It's been a wait but the long anticipated new record, Hot Sauce Committee pt. 2, is due May 3.
116 - Beastie Boys
Nas and Santogold are featured vocalists on this record making it distinct from previous BBoys efforts but with track names like "Nonstop Disco Powerpack" and "Lee Majors Come Again" will remind you just WHO made this thing.

Here's the latest single "Make Some Noise"

Concerts Comin' 


!!! (CHK CHK CHK) @ Townhouse April 11th - 9pm
Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears @ The Independent (SF) April 13th - 8pm
The DigiTour @ Harlow's April 14th - 7pm
G. Green, Uzi Rash, Pistol Pete @ The Hub April 25th - 8:30pm
Sister Crayon, Superhumaniods, Lovers @Sophia's Thai Kitchen, Davis April 28th - 9pm


Crystal Stilts (NY/Slumberland) + Nacho Business @ The Hub May 8th - 8:30pm
KDVS' Operation Restore Maximum Freedom Festival: May 14th 2pm - 10pm
     w/ R. Stevie Moor, Zach Hill, Alak & More TBA @ Plainfield Station  -

Thursday, April 7, 2011

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