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Lyrics and Songwriting

115 - Mtn GoatsInsight's senior producer Jen Picard, upon discovering Mumford & Sons, recently asked how closely I listen to lyrics. I caught myself before espousing 'Why, all the TIME, of course!' I realized that it's been years since I truly absorbed that aspect of pop music.

This week, songs with meat to the lyrics … some from brand new albums no less! You'll hear the lead track from the new Mountain Goats album All Eternals Deck.115 - LCD Last Show

With LCD Soundsystem hanging it up after this weekend's final show in NYC, Off Air compares the studio version and live, BBC session edition of "All I Want." I particularly like the clarity of James Murphy's lyrics in the recording you'll hear this week!

115 - Bonnie Prince

There's a great sieze the day message in what at first blush may seem a dour treatise (Bonnie Prince Billy "Death to Everyone").

You'll also hear the greasy id of Nick Cave's Grinderman, a particularly unique addition to a lyricist centric show.  Less the troubadour than the typical "singer songwriter" image - Grinderman's lyrics are distinct because of their frank nature.  Few songs about sex are as subtly overt as "Get It On."  Rather than write a thesis here, I'll let you listen.  I hope you'll pop over to the Off Air Facebook page and join the chat with your favorite songsmiths and why they have such a place in your heart (and music shelf/hard drive etc.)
115 - Nick Cave  115 - Grinderman

New James Pants

With LCD Soundsystem going out with a bang this weekend - I'm reminded of the old showbiz adage: Always Leave Em Wanting More. I appears James Pants may be doing just that with Kraft Work. His newest (and possibly FINAL) album on Stone's Throw is due next month: 
Sitting On The Couch, Turning Into Stone by jamespants

If you're an aspiring songwriter drop your tracks at Off Air's SoundCloud profile - we want to hear them!

[UPDATE]: The official title of James Pants' album is  James Pants

NB: 2011-04-07

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Play List

Kinks: Village Green Preservation Society - from The Village Green Preservation Society [Vinyl] FindBUY
Ted Leo: I Guess I Planted - from [Free Online Download] FindBUY
Mountain Goats: Damn These Vampires - from All Eternals Deck FindBUY
Beck: Feather in Your Cap - from Stray Blues: B Side Collection FindBUY
Minor Threat: Screaming at a Wall - from 20 Years of Dischord FindBUY
The Evens: Cut From The Cloth - from Get Evens FindBUY
Grinderman: Get It On - from Grinderman FindBUY
Bonnie "Prince" Billy: Death to Everyone - from Summer in the Southeast FindBUY
Cat Power: I Dont Blame You - from You Are Free FindBUY
Imperial Teen: Our Time - from On FindBUY
The Specials: Too Hot - from Specials FindBUY
Paul F. Tompkins: Elegant Balloons - from Impersonal FindBUY
Les Savy Fav: One Way Widow - from Inches FindBUY
Del The Funky Homosapien: Hardcore Punks Can't Take It - from Funk Man (The Stimulus Package)
Lcd Soundsystem: All I Want (Live) - from London Sessions FindBUY
Radiohead: The National Anthem - from Kid A FindBUY