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A Big Day

Harry Shearer was in the Capital Public Radio studios broadcasting Le Show to the entire world.  I managed to snag a few moments to talk about his program on KCRW (the Santa Monica radio station that 10 years ago helped me realize indie rock can thrive on public radio).

Then of course came Marnie Stern, bassist/vocalist Nithin Kalvakota and drummer Vince Rogers (and Marnie's dog, Fig).

In the show this week: Why DOESN'T someone make another MTV? Marnie talks wordplay, philosophy and working with Zach Hill and what now that her tour with Tera Melos is over.

ARCH - MarnieARCH - Nithin
ARCH - Vince

UPDATE!!! Off Air & CPR made it on Marnie's Vagina Monoblog!

The Off Air 114 Honor Roll:

Sean Stout - Video Production for
Mike Archibald - Photos/Production/Tomfoolery
Meg Sevier - Photos/Video/Hospitality

Marnie & Me (and the band)





Sea of Bees + SXSW + NPR

It wasn't THAT long ago Julie Ann Bee and Co. dropped in for their Off Air / In Studio performance.  Since then NPR has been all abuzz about the Sacramento band and recently shot a rather intimate video of five piece in Austin during SXSW. 


Of course you can find more videos of Sea of Bees in-studio performances at Off Air's YouTube Channel. I have been clamoring to attend SXSW for years. Last year that fervor was renewed when I saw a youtube video of Bill Murray, RZA & GZA tending (re: Taking Over a) bar.

This year Horse Cops busted people outside the Death From Above 1979 reunion show and great new movies premiered but there are some that think SXSW is getting a bit … commercial.

Death Grips with a Z


So, this is nuts. While not the biggest aficionado of either genre, I've NEVER heard anything quite like the melding of styles Sacramento's Death Grips has to offer

...see? I can't stop listening either. It's aggressive, abrasive, offensive and GREAT.

While there's plenty of mystery surrounding the line up more details are sure to come forward as Death Grips full length (due this year) nears release. If you're keen on more, downlod about one third of the upcoming record at the band's website.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Play List

Marnie Stern: Risky Biz [LIVE] - from Off Air / In Studio - Marnie Stern
Marnie Stern: INTERVIEW - The Stern Sound, In Her Own Words - from Off Air / In Studio - Marnie Stern
Marnie Stern: Transparency is the New Mystery [LIVE] - from Off Air / In Studio - Marnie Stern
Marnie Stern: INTERVIEW - Word Play, Philosophy & Touring - from Off Air / In Studio - Marnie Stern
Marnie Stern: Nothing Left [LIVE] - from Off Air / In Studio - Marnie Stern
Mike Watt: Wheel-Bound-Man - from Hyphenated-Man FindBUY
Eksi Ekso: Kills Of The Flood Tide - from Brown Shark, Red Lion FindBUY
Death Grips: Full Moon (Death Classic) - from Death Grips
The Joy Formidable: The Greatest Light Is The Greatest Shade - from The Big Roar FindBUY
Errors: Pump - from It's Not Something But It Is Like Whatever [VINYL] [IMPORT] FindBUY
Dangerous Ponies: Sea - from Dangerous Ponies
Darlings: Big Girl - from Warma EP [VINYL} FindBUY
TV On the Radio: Me-I - from OK Calculator FindBUY
TV on the Radio: Love Dog - from Dear Science, FindBUY
Rival Schools: Choose Your Own Adventure - from Pedals [VINYL] FindBUY