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The Chap - BandThe Chap is a North London band consistently producing challenging pop. "Pop," please realize, is really the broadest description of this group's sound; the first step. Many of their songs, while apt to start a dance party, yield deeper treasure.

Sewn into the hooks are lyrics about self importance ("Fun & Interesting" - Mega Breakfast), the crushing banality of office life ("The Premier At Last" - Ham) to what constitutes art ("Proper Rock" - Mega Breakfast).

What I love about The Chap is the The Chap - Well Done Europeband never seems to fall into that All-Their-Songs-Sound-The-Same trap. Track by track, each of their albums hold my interest. The attitude of each song is just as varied as the albums on which they appear. Lately I find myself hitting repeat on two songs in particular. One is on this week's show ("Even Your Friend" - Well Done Europe) and this one from Ham


The Chap - "Auto Where To"

The Chap - Ham

Right now Ham is a mere $4.99 on iTunes, earning the Off Air "Go Get It" Stamp of Approval. Anyone gives you static about how "indie rock sounds all the same" move The Chap up a few notches on your playlist and see if the conversation changes.

Off Air <3 's TerrorEyes

Mike Archibald - writer | Nick Brunner - editor


"Up close" is a key theme behind any TerrorEyes production.

From the T.E. website:
"Terroreyes is an experimental video platform for documenting things that we like - getting in the faces of people we like, having our microphones blown out by people we like, hearing stories from people we like, etc. All we want to do is show you things you may never otherwise see UP CLOSE." 

Terror Eyes - Logo

Since 2009 TerrorEyes has been pumping out amazing videos of great local artists like Sister Crayon, Sea of Bees, Bay Area rap stud Mistah Fab, and an amazing performance between Ground Chuck and Zach Hill. Sean Stout, the man behind the camera, defines the soul of the organization. Stout also maintains the TerrorEyes blog, keeping you current with his filming schedule to stories and pictures from T.E. shows in Sac and around the country.

Like the French La Blogotheque and San Francisco's Yours Truly, TerrorEyes traffics heavily in artistic expression, experimentation and underground music.

TE - Sean & Tera MelosStout recently branched into concert booking and promotion too. A show very close to our heart is coming up March 19th as TerrorEyes, Record Club and Off Air bring Marnie Stern and Tera Melos to The Town House Lounge.

Okay, T.E. and Record Club get the credit for TownHouse BUT: The next day, Sean brings his camera and keen eye to CPR as Marnie Stern is our guest for the next "Off Air / In Studio."

We're trying (poorly) to contain our excitement! Stay frosty.





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The last two Saturdays I was charged with the enviable task of filling three hours up with music. Those six hours are now available to stream right now.

Don't mistake: This isn't exactly Off Air ON AIR.  Sure, there are plenty of indie jamz and electonic clicks and whistles - but Blue Dog is about more.  You'll hear Television, Wanda Jackson, The Specials nestled between Casiokids, Tom Vek and a few Off Air / In Studio tracks by The Common Men, Sister Crayon and Kelli Scarr.  

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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Play List

Cake: Federal Funding - from Showroom Of Compassion FindBUY
Cake: Mustache Man (Wasted) - from Showroom Of Compassion (180 Gram / Red Vinyl) FindBUY
Tom Vek: The Lower the Sun - from We Have Sound FindBUY
Tera Melos: Melt Bamanarnana (Melt Banana Remix) - from Zoo Weather EP FindBUY
J Mascis: Listen To Me - from Several Shades of Why FindBUY
PJ Harvey: The Last Living Rose - from Let England Shake FindBUY
PJ Harvey: The Words That Maketh Murder - from Let England Shake FindBUY
Nick Brunner / Michael Frost: Discussion - Part 1 - from OFF AIR / IN DEPTH - Let England Shake
PJ Harvey: On Battleship Hill - from Let England Shake FindBUY
PJ Harvey: England - from Let England Shake FindBUY
Nick Brunner / Michael Frost: Discussion - Part 2 - from OFF AIR / IN DEPTH - Let England Shake
PJ Harvey: Hanging In The Wire - from Let England Shake FindBUY
Nick Brunner / Michael Frost: Discussion - Part 3 - from OFF AIR / IN DEPTH - Let England Shake
PJ Harvey: The Colour Of The Earth - from Let England Shake FindBUY
Tony Cook: What's On Your Mind (ft. Dam-Funk) - from Back To Reality FindBUY
Sonic Youth: Chez Yves (Alice Et Clara) - from Simon Werner a Disparu FindBUY
The Chap: Even Your Friend - from Well Done Europe FindBUY