Morning Edition 2009-10-29

Thursday, October 29, 2009

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  • New Video Cams Target Red Light Runners
    Sacramento cops are going high-tech in their effort to catch red light runners. They’re testing out new digital video camera systems around town.
    Wednesday, October 28, 2009
  • Legislative Hearing About Legalizing Marijuana
    California lawmakers tackle the contentious topic of legalizing marijuana use. Advocates say it’ll free up law enforcement and bring cash into the state. Opponents say it’ll cause more kids to smoke pot and increase crime.
    Wednesday, October 28, 2009
  • Retiring Schutten Defends Record on Sac County Budget Cuts
    Sacramento County’s top official is defending his performance over the last couple of years of harsh budget cuts. County executive Terry Schutten announced this week he’s retiring at the end of December after 10 years on the job.
    Wednesday, October 28, 2009