Morning Edition 2007-11-05

Monday, November 5, 2007

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  • Schwarzenegger: Image Boost After Fires?
    There have been some criticisms of the state’s response to the catastrophic fires in Southern California. But by most accounts at least one person has emerged from the tragedy with an image boost: Governor Schwarzenegger.
    Friday, November 2, 2007
  • Psychological Recovery from Wildfires
    Following the fires in Southern California, there will be a long period of physical rebuilding and also a psychological recovery. Donna Apidone talks with Dr. Stephen Mayberg, Director of California Department of Mental Health.
    Monday, November 5, 2007
  • Business Journal: Are Hospitals Ready For Disasters?
    A new survey finds that Sacramento hospitals are not prepared to handle a major catastrophe. Shana Lynch with the Business Journal has more.
    Monday, November 5, 2007
  • New Bee Editor: The Paper Will Change
    The Sacramento Bee’s new executive editor says the paper will change a lot in the next several years – both in print and online.
    Monday, November 5, 2007
  • Renewed Recycling Effort Launched
    As more cities and counties consider bans on the plastic shopping bag, the American Chemistry Council is countering with a renewed recycling effort. Jenny O’Mara reports.
    Monday, November 5, 2007
  • Voters To Decide North Sac District Merger
    North Sacramento voters will decide the fate of Measure B on Tuesday. It's a plan to combine four different school districts into one. Supporters say it’ll result in better schools. But opponents argue it’ll create a massive bureaucracy.
    Monday, November 5, 2007