Alzheimer's/Waiter's Race/Barnyard Theatre/Sound Advice

Alzheimer's Identifier UC Davis scientists have found early warning signs for Alzheimer's that could help predict dementia before problems actually appear. Today on Insight, we'll talk with Professor Laurel Beckett about it.

Waiters' Race The Waiters Race on Bastille Day is a tradition born in Paris before WWII. It consists of waiters and waitresses in Parisian style outfits speed-walking while balancing a tray with bottles and glasses. The winner is the first person who crosses the finish line with the tray intact and without any spills. Sacramento held it's own version of the waiters race yesterday and we'll talk to the winner of the race and a judge and organizer about how it went.

Barnyard Theatre "Things That Fall from the Sky" is a new production that features a collection of short plays by Kevin Brokmeier. The venue of the production is somewhat unusual - a barn on a country road in Davis. You'll meet some of the members of the Barnyard Theatre and hear a scene from one of the three plays.

Sound Advice: Jazz Jazz Director Gary Vercelli introduces us to new and reissued jazz recordings.

Thursday, July 15, 2010