Kelly Pryce/ W.C. Clark/ Patti Wagon Veteran reporter and columnist Daniel Weintraub left "The Sacramento Bee" to launch a new Web site dedicated to California health care, environmental issues and health of California communities. Today on Insight, Weintraub tells you about and why he's doing it.

Kelly Pryce Sacramento comedian Kelly Pryce recently left the area after landing a gig in Los Angeles writing for "Lopez Tonight." Pryce is back in town this week to co-headline comedy night at Luna's Cafe. We'll talk with Pryce about her new gig and what it's like be a mom in LA.

W.C. Clark Blues guitarist W.C. Clark is performing in Folsom this week. The Austin-based musician recently came out of a short retirement to start playing again at age 70. You'll meet Clark and hear some of his music.

Patti Wagon The author of a new book aobut one of the biggest names in burlesque in the 1940s and 1950s is coming to Sacramento. Author Bob Brill tells about the life of Patti Wagon and his book about her, "Fan Letter to a Stipper." This segment originally aired Nov. 18th, 2009.


About our guest host: Sacramento-native David Watts Barton has been involved in Sacramento's music and cultural scene for more than 30 years as a writer, performer and fan. The former Sacramento Bee reporter is the Editor-in-Chief of The Sacramento Press.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010