Enrollment Demand/Book of Dreams/Choral Music/Flash Fiction

Enrollment Demand Enrollment demand for new students at the California State University is expected to steeply rise over the next five years. Nearly 60,000 more students will want to go to the CSU in the next five years. Today on Insight, what does this mean at a time when the state's college system is making cuts?

Book of Dreams "The Book of Dreams" is an annual series of stories in the Sacramento Bee that highlights people in need. The goal is to raise money to help fulfill those people's wishes. Last year they raised more than $135,000. For several years now, the photojournalist assigned to "The Book of Dreams" is Autumn Cruz. You'll meet her.

Choral Music Part of the sound of the holiday season is choral music. And that means it's a particularly busy time for Donald Kendrick, who direct several choirs in Sacramento, including Schola Cantorum of Sacred Heart Catholic Church. Schola Cantorum has a new record of Christmas music called "Make We Joy!" They're also giving two Christmas concerts this weekend at their church.

Schola Cantorum performs "From Heaven on High" at 8 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 19th and 3 p.m. Sunday, Dec. 20th at Sacred Heart Church, 39th and J streets, Sacramento. Information: (916) 962-6056.

Flash Fiction Follow We follow up with Flash Fiction 365 author Jason Sinclair Long. He recently visited Insight to talk about his year-long project of writing a short story every day for a year. Jason rolls dice to see how many words his story will have and his readers have been submitting titles for the stories during the month of December. Jason rolled the dice while on Insight and Jeffrey provided a title for that day's story. You'll hear "Whirling Dervishes."

Wednesday, December 16, 2009