Healthcare Game/Cows and Climate/Commission/Charley Langer

Healthcare Game There's a computer game that simulates the challenge of creating a healthcare plan. It requires negotiation, compromise and consensus-building. The game is called CHAT, which stands for Choosing Healthplans All Together. The Sacramento-based Center for Healthcare Decisions is using CHAT to help people get more involved in the healthcare decision-making process. Today on Insight, Marge Ginsburg, the executive director of The Center, tells you about it.

Cows and Climate Do cows and pigs really worsen climate change more than cars and airplanes? Paul McCartney recently said they do and he was quoting an United Nations report. A local professor says those UN numbers are wrong, or rather, more like comparing apples with oranges. We'll talk with Prof. Frank Mitloehner about it.

Citizens Commission Californians can now apply to serve on a commission that will have the power to literally reshape the political landscape. It's the citizens redistricting commission which will redraw many of California's political boundaries after the 2010 Census. Today's the first day that applications are accepted. California State Auditor Elaine Howle tells you who's eligible to serve.

Charley Langer Citrus Heights saxophonist Charley Langer has a new album out. "Never the Same" is a collection of smooth jazz tracks, almost all written or co-written by Langer. He's also the sax player and horn arranger for tribute band Steelin' Dan which plays the music of Steely Dan. You'll meet Langer and hear him perform in our studio.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009