Climate Summit/ Senior Insecurity/ Gorilla Orphans/ Homeless

Climate Summit The United Nations climate conference in Copenhagen stalled today when developing nations led by China and India boycotted the talks. They want the world's rich nations, including the United States, to make much deeper cuts in their own greenhouse gas emissions. This is the start of the conference's second week and in a few days, more than 100 world leaders, including President Obama are scheduled to arrive. Today on Insight, we'll talk with a Sacramento man who joins us from Copenhagen. Daniel Jacobson is the Legislative Director of the group Environment California and will tell you about his experience so far.

Senior Insecurity California has cut hundreds of millions of dollars from SSI, a program to help the state's low-income elderly and disabled. The impact of that cut is the subject of a two-part series by Capital Public Radio's Healthcare Reporter Kelley Weiss. The first part of her story aired this morning.

Gorilla Orphans Two baby mountain gorillas under the care of UC Davis are now back home in the Congo. Why were the young gorillas away from home in the first place? How are they doing now? And what does UC Davis have to do with all of this? We'll talk with some of the people involved.

Rural Homelessness When you hear news stories about the homeless, it's usually about people in a city. But there are a lot of homeless people in rural areas, too. But those places tend to have fewer government-provided social services. And when those areas are in the foothills and the mountains, they tend to be much colder in the winter. We're going to talk with different group leaders about the scale of homelessness in rural areas, the special challenges it poses, and what services are available to help.

Monday, December 14, 2009