Winter Shelter/Happiness/School Blues Band/War of Words

Winter Shelter For those of us who grimace at the thought of walking to our car in the current cold weather, imagine what it must be like to be homeless. Today on Insight, how are people without shelter coping this week?

Happiness Forum Why are Republicans so happy? That was the title of a [email protected] event that Jeffrey Callison moderated. The guests included Eric Weiner, former NPR foreign correspondent who recently released a book on "The Geography of Bliss." We'll listen to some highlights.

School Blues Band A group of students at the Leonardo da Vinci K-8 School in the Hollywood Park neigborhood at Sacramento have put together a blues band. You'll meet some members of the band and hear them perform in our studio.

'War of Words' Author Simon Read tells you about his new book, "War of Words," which tells the story of the bloody birth of the San Francisco Chronicle in the 1880s. This segment originally aired July 14th, 2009.

We had hoped to bring you a discussion today about orphaned baby gorillas being returned to their home in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Unfortunately, our connection with the veterinarian in Rwanda was lost at the last minute and we plan to reschedule this discussion for Monday, Dec. 14th.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009