Cancer Stamp/Natomas Permit/Five Course Love/Terry Schutten

Breast Cancer Stamp A Sacramento doctor who created the breast cancer stamp is recently back from the country of Jordan, where the stamp has just gone on sale. Today on Insight, you'll meet Dr. Ernie Bodai and hear how the stamp is doing when it comes raising funds for breast cancer research.

Natomas Permits Did Sacramento break federal flood rules when a city employee gave out permits for new homes in Natomas? Today on Insight, we’ll get the latest on that, and why the city department in question - the Community Development Department - had not been audited in a while.

'Five Course Love' "Five Course Love," the musical by Sacramento composer Gregg Coffin, is about to come out on CD. We'll talk with Gregg Coffin and you’ll hear highlights.

Terry Schutten After more than 10 years in the job, including an incredibly challenging one in 2009, Sacramento County's Chief Executive says he's about to retire. Terry Schutten announced yesterday he'll step down at the end of December. Why is he leaving?


Wednesday, October 28, 2009