Mosquito Attraction / Kings Preview / 'Fuel' / Quickfast

Mosquito Attraction When mosquitoes bite people, it's not a random thing. They're attracted to specific odors. Scientists at UC Davis have indentified the main chemical that attracts the mosquito that spreads West Nile virus and other diseases. Today on Insight, one of the scientists behind the study tells you about it.

Kings Preview Just a few years ago, the Sacramento Kings were one of the elite teams in the NBA but that isn't the case anymore. Last year, they were the worst in the league, winning only 17 games in an 82-game season. They've also struggled to find a permanent head coach - Paul Westphal is the fourth since Rick Adelman was let go in 2006. The new NBA season starts tonight. Are the Kings a better team? What can fans reasonably hope for? We'll talk with Sacramento Bee sports editor Bill Bradley about it.

"Fuel" Growing up among the oil refineries of Louisiana, Josh Tickell saw family members fall seriously ill and he believes it's because of pollution. Because of that, Tickell spent 11 years making a documentary about America's reliance on oil. The film, "Fuel," won the Audience Award for Best Documentary at the 2008 Sundance Film Festival. It's now playing in Sacramento.

"Fuel" is playing through Thursday, Oct. 29th at The Crest Theatre, 1301 K St., Sacramento.

Quickfast Imagine fasting every week and giving up something different each time. Two local journalists are doing just that. In the process, they research the thing they're giving up and then write about it on their blog Quickfast. You'll meet the two journalists and hear why they're doing it. This segment originally aired Monday, Oct. 26th but was cut off due to technical problems.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009