Preventing Pandemics/ Quickfast/ Sacramento Poetry Center

Preventing Pandemics Many serious, fast-spreading diseases that sicken and kill humans start in animals, like birds, pigs and apes. Examples of those diseases include influenza, HIV, SARS and Ebola. In hopes of preventing future pandemics, UC Davis has launched an international program to find and control diseases that cross the species line. This global early warning system is called PREDICT. Today on Insight, you'll meet the UC Davis scientist who will run the program.

Quickfast Imagine fasting every week and giving up somethign different each time. Two local journalists are doing that. In the process, they research the thing they're giving up and then write about it on their blog Quickfast. You'll meet the two journalists and hear why they're doing it.

Sacramento Poetry Center Today is a big day for Sacramento poets. Not only is it Sacramento Poetry Day, it's also the day when the Sacramento Poetry Center celebrates its 30th anniversary. A big part of the celebration is the new anniversary anthology "Keeping the Flame." A little later, you'll meet two long time members of the poetry center, including the anthology's editor. We'll talk with the founder of the Sacramento Poetry Center and hear from two of the contributing poets.

The 30th Anniversary Event for the Sacramento Poetry Center is at 7:30 p.m. today at HQ for the Arts, 1719 25th St., Sacramento. Information: (916) 979-9706.

Monday, October 26, 2009