Marianne Russ/Train Restoration/ Barry Goldberg/Sound Advice

Marianne Russ California's legislative session ends this week. Marianne Russ tells you about what got done, what didn't, and what will happen during the recess.

Train Restoration A team in the Sierra foothills is working to restore a rare locomotive from 1891. The curatorially-sound restoration will bring the Rogers locomotive up to operating ability, and involves replicating low-tech processes and trades now practiced in only a few locations in the world.

Barry Goldberg One of the leaders of the 1960s Chicago blues scene is playing in Modesto as part of the Chicago Blues Reunion; he speaks with us first.

Chicago Blues Reunion plays at 7 p.m. today at the Gallo Arts Center, 1000 I St., Modesto. Information: (877) 488-3380.

Sound Advice Hear bits of the newly remastered, reissued Beatles catalog on the latest edition of Sound Advice.
Thursday, September 10, 2009