Pyrethroids/ Death Penalty/ Listener Emails/ Sac Rag Blog

Pyrethroids The most commonly used pesticides in California cities may be polluting our urban and agricultural water supplies. On the next Insight, state officials, gardeners, and researchers weigh in on the effects of pyrethroids, and whether they demand further regulation.

Death Penalty in CA How close is California to resuming executions? A federal judge stopped them in 2006 until procedures were improved. Where is the Dept. of Corrections in the review process about capital punishment? Plus, members of the legal community explore the moral, legal, and financial considerations surrounding the death penalty.

Listener Emails Insight listeners comment upon a variety of topics heard in the past couple of weeks.

Sac Rag Blog In a "news, gossip, and snark" blog about Sacramento, bloggers turn their attention to the State Fair, and offer tips on the best food and attraction at the State Fair. The bloggers will be joined by a pocket knife collector whose collection is being displayed at the State Fair.

Monday, August 24, 2009