Cash for Clunkers/Siberian Arctic/Philippines/Killing Crime

Cash for Clunkers How effectively is the Cash for Clunkers program reducing carbon emissions? On the next Insight, a UC Davis transportation economist discusses how this program has inflated the implied cost of carbon dioxide to over ten times that of the national price for carbon credits.

Siberian Arctic Researcher Sudeep Chandry is a principal investigator with the Polaris Project, which studies the impact of climate change on the Siberian Arctic, and, in turn, the effect of the Siberian Arctic on climate change. He joins us to explain some of his findings.

Philippines Delegation A United Methodist Church delegation recently traveled to the Philippines to protest the alleged torture of a US citizen there last year; the delegation accompanied her to ensure her safety. A Sacramento church official was one of the delegates, and she joins us to speak about the trip.

When Killing is a Crime How and when does killing become defined as a criminal act? A new book examines the differences between homicide, genocide, capital punishment, witchcraft trials, dueling, and more.


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Tuesday, August 18, 2009