Paradise Lost?/Retired K9s/Gina Spadafori/Buildings Breeding

"Paradise Lost?" In his book "Paradise Lost? High-Speed Trains Get Waylaid, Shady Politicians Get Billions, and Taxpayers Get the Shaft!" author Richard Trainor investigates the recent history of California public works projects that were promised and planned, but then fell through. The author joins us to discuss his investigation into the political corruption that led to these projects falling through.

Retired K9s What happens to police dogs when they retire? A (human) member of the Sheriff K9 Association explains what happens when K9s retire, and what steps are taken to ensure a decent quality of life for dogs that, in their course of service, have apprehended criminals and saved lives.

Gina Spadafori In celebration of Insight's fifth anniversary, we bring back another of our early guests. This time, it's pet expert Gina Spadafori, to speak about the shelter reform movement, Michael Vick, and other animal-related issues.

Buildings Breeding The psychedelic indie band Buildings Breeding plays live in our studio.

They play at Old Ironsides, 1901 10th St., Sacramento, on August 15th at 9:30pm.


Insight will not be heard on Monday, August 17th.

Friday, August 14, 2009