Sutter Home Trademark/James Ingram/Barry Melton/Sound Advice

Sutter Home Trademark California wineries are in a trademark dispute over the name "Sutter." On Insight, legal and marketing experts explain the controversy over branding, which has forced several wineries to change their names.

James Ingram Multiple Grammy-winning soul singer-songwriter James Ingram will be playing at the 5th annual Reno-Tahoe Blues Fest this August.

Reno-Tahoe Blues Fest, August 14-16, at Rancho San Rafael Park in Reno. Information: (775)-875-3378.

Barry Melton Woodstock started 40 years ago on Saturday. We remember the music festival's anniversary with Barry "The Fish" Melton, who was on stage there as a member of Country Joe and the Fish.

Sound Advice: Blues Mick Martin shares some new blues tracks on this week's edition of Sound Advice.

Thursday, August 13, 2009