Mill Closure/ Paul Campfield/ "Tried and True Recipes"

Mill Closure The Sierra Pacific Industries sawmill in the foothills closes, the second mill to close this summer. On Insight, you'll hear from the company that ran the mill and the local business council about reactions to the closure and the implications it may have on the community.

Listener Emails Insight listeners weigh in on a variety of topics heard in the last couple of weeks.

Paul Campfield We'll speak to a Sacramento man who bought old vinyl records, only to find out they once belonged to his mother. Since then, his story has received national attention.

"Tried and True Recipes" A local author and caterer gives you the secret to success in the kitchen. His new book is "Tried and True Recipes from a Caterer's Kitchen: Secrets for Making Good Food."

George Erdosh will be doing a book signing at Home and Farm Supply, 165 Main St., Jackson, on August 22nd from 1-3pm.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009