Healthy Budget/Dan Walters/'Attics to Archives'/Sound Advice

Healthy Budget Cuts? It looks like the state of California is going to lose billions of dollars of federal money thanks to the state's recent cost-cutting budget. Today on Insight, Capital Public Radio's Health Care Reporter Kelley Weiss tells you about it.

Dan Walters Dan Walters began writing his political column for the Sacramento Bee 25 years ago. Walters tells you about his work and gives his take on the state of politics in California today.

"Attics to Archives" A new exhibit at UC Davis highlights historical collections that people have donated after discovering them in their attics. We'll talk with an archivist about it and hear from a donor.

Sound Advice: Classical It's Thursday and time for another edition of Sound Advice, where Capital Public Radio personalities share tips on music to check out. KXPR's Michael Frost joins us with a unique collection of donated classical music.

Thursday, August 6, 2009