Budget Signing/Code Breaking/'Nightbeats'/'The Ugly Truth'

Budget Signing The long-running battle over the state budget is over, at least for now. Gov. Schwarzenegger signed it into law yesterday, along with hundreds of millions of dollars of cuts made with his line-item veto. What was cut and what's next? Today on Insight, Capitol Bureau Chief Marianne Russ tells us about it.

Code Breaking Humans have been making and breaking codes for thousands of years. This long history is the topic of a talk tonight at UC Davis. The speaker, David Perry, is very familiar with codes. He's a mathematician - specifically a cryptologic mathematician - at the Department of Defense. We'll talk with him about the Enigma code-making machine used by Germany in World War II.

David Perry gives an Enigma presentation from 6 to 7 p.m. today at 194 Chemistry Lecture Hall, UC Davis. Information: (530) 754-7326.

"Nightbeats" Showing tonight at the Sacramento Film Festival is a new full-length feature made by a Sacramento movie maker. It's a film noir called "Nightbeats" and its writer-director-cinematographer-editor and co-producer is Mike Carroll. He'll tell you about the film and we'll talk with one of the actresses.

"Nightbeats" screens at 8 p.m. today at The Crest Theatre, 1301 K St., Sacarmento.

"The Ugly Truth" A new big-budget Hollywood movie is set in a fictitious TV newsroom in Sacramento. Gary Chew reviews the film for us.



Wednesday, July 29, 2009