Corporate Tax Breaks/ Megafish/ Letters/ Green Audio

Corporate Tax Breaks Do California businesses get a sweet deal with their tax breaks? We talked about this issue last week on Insight with the head of the California Budget Project. Jean Ross made the case that businesses - particularly big businesses - benefit greatly from recent tax breaks. Joining us today on Insight with another perspective is Loren Kaye, President of the California Foundation for Commerce and Education.

Megafish Nevada researcher Zeb Hogan travels the world seeking so-called "megafish." He recently returned from a trip to Spain. His work has reached an audience well beyond academics because of the TV specials he's made for National Geographic.

"Top Ten Monster Fish" airs at 7 and 10 p.m. today on the National Geographic Channel.

Listener emails Insight listeners weigh in on a variety of topics heard in the last couple of weeks.

Green Audio One of Sacramento's most eclectic bands is Green Audio. If you check out some of the songs on their MySpace page, you'll hear atmospheric, indie electronic music. But there's more to their evolving sound. They have a classically-trained cellist, and three-part harmonies with the addition of another singer. We'll talk to them about seeing green and hear two of their songs done acoustically in our studio.

Green Audio performs at 9 p.m. Wednesday, July 29th at the Powerhouse Pub, 614 Sutter St. # D, Folsom. Information: (916) 355-8586.



Monday, July 27, 2009