Compensation Insurance/ Storytelling Festival/ Sound Advice

State Compensation Insurance California's tentative budget deal includes a plan to sell a portion of the government-controlled workers comp insurance fund. Today on Insight, Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner tells you what that means.

Sierra Storytelling Festival Every summer for a weekend, storytellers and listeners gather near Nevada City for the Sierra Storytelling Festival. This is the 24th year of the festival. You'll hear tales from two of the featured tellers.

The Sierra Storytelling Festival runs Friday, July 24th through Sunday, July 26th at the North Columbia Schoolhouse Cultural Center, 17894 Tyler-Foote Crossing Road, Nevada City. Information: (530) 265-2826.

Sound Advice It's time for more Sound Advice from Off Air's Nick Brunner. He'll tell you about some indie rock bands playing a local festival this weekend.

The Wanderlust Festival is Friday, July 24th through Sunday, July 26th at Squaw Valley USA, Lake Tahoe.

Insight will not be heard on Friday, July 24th, so that we may bring you a rebroadcast of a California Lectures presentation featuring the late Frank McCourt, Pulitzer prize-winning author of "Angela's Ashes," who died Sunday. McCourt is heard in a 2006 interview with Jeffrey Callison.

Thursday, July 23, 2009