Psychology of Space Exploration/ 'Obesity'/ Markus James

Psychology of Space Exploration The 40th anniversary of the first man walking on the moon is Monday, July 20th. Today on Insight, a UC Davis professor tells you about the psychology of space exploration and the search for life beyond Earth. We'll also talk with Insight associate producer Linnea Edmeier who was at Cape Canaveral for several days last week hoping to see the launch of space shuttle Endeavor.

'Obesity' A new book from UC Davis professors explores the topic of obesity. We'll talk with one of the authors about it.

Markus James World blues musician Markus James performs at California WorldFest this weekend. We'll talk with him about his work and hear clips from his latest album.

Five Years Later We mark our fifth anniversary today with a look back at a topic we first covered in July 2004.

Friday, July 17, 2009