Sac Sheriff's Cuts/Wildfire Defense/El Dorado/Sound Advice

Sac Sheriff's Cuts The Sacramento County Sheriff's Department may have to lay off even more deputies than it originally expected. Today on Insight, we'll talk with Sheriff McGinness about what this means.

Wildfire Defense Australia gets a lot of wildfires, and they have an unusual approach to dealing with them. Their policy encourages people to consider staying at home when a bushfire breaks out on condition that they aggressively defend their property. If you're not going to defend your property, then you should evacuate as early as possible. Why does Australia do this? And what, if anything, could California learn from it?

'Experience El Dorado' A cinematographer-producer who's one of the team behind Discovery Channel's "The Deadliest Catch" is now making a TV show about El Dorado County. Todd Stanley lives in Lotus, so "Experience El Dorado" involves a lot less traveling and disruption than going to the waters off Alaska. We'll talk with Stanley, as well as the host of "Experience El Dorado," veteran Hollywood actor Perry King, who lives in Cool.

Sound Advice: Classical It's Thursday and time for another edition of Sound Advice, our weekly feature where Capital Public Radio music hosts and others suggest new, reissued or otherwise notable music. The first Thursday of the month is classical music and weekday morning host Kent Teeters joins us.


Insight will not be heard on Friday, July 3rd to allow for a special presentation of "Second Opinions: Staying Healthy in a Sick Economy" moderated by Jeffrey Callison.

Thursday, July 2, 2009