Cokie Roberts/ Ecologist in Iraq/ Stuart Leavenworth

Cokie Roberts The long-time Congressional Correspondent and senior news analyst for National Public Radio has updated and added to her book "We Are Our Mothers' Daughters." Today on Insight, Cokie Roberts tells you about it.

Ecologist in Iraq We’ll talk with a Sacramento ecologist who’s restoring marshes in Iraq that were destroyed by Saddam Hussein. Michelle Stevens tells you what its like to work in Iraq on the Mesopotamian Marshes, which many religions consider as the Biblical location of the Garden of Eden.

Michelle Stevens presents "Restoration of Mesopotamian Marshes from an Iraqi Perspective" at 4 p.m. Wednesday, April 29th in Mariposa Hall, Room 1001, Sacramento State.

Stuart Leavenworth Would you take a several-month leave of absence from work so you could be an apprentice chef at a restaurant a long way from home? That’s what Sacramento Bee editorial writer Stuart Leavenworth is doing. We’ll find out how it’s going.

Monday, April 27, 2009