Tough Ballot Fight/ S.O.S. Ballet/ Farm Update/ Sound Advice

Tough Ballot Fight  How do California voters feel about the budget measures on the May ballot? If the measures fail, the recent, hard-fought budget deal will unravel. According to a new statewide survey, that might not happen. The PPIC survey found only one of the budget measures has majority support. We'll talk about the results with Mark Baldassare.

S.O.S. Ballet  How are the dancers of Sacramento Ballet handling the financial crisis that threatened their company's future? On the next Insight, three of the dancers join us to tell you about how the ballet has reinvented itself, and what they are doing to ensure the company has a future.

White House Farm Update  A couple of months ago we talked with a Margaret Lloyd, a local woman who was one of the four nominees for "White House farmer," an unofficial position that has not been created by the Obama administration. First Lady Michelle Obama broke ground on the south side of the White House for a produce and herb garden and, yesterday, there was a local angle. California's First Lady Maria Shriver announced plans to create a produce garden at Capitol Park in Sacramento. We'll check in with Margaret about these developments.

Sound Advice  We premiere a new weekly feature on Insight called Sound Advice. Each week, Capital Public Radio music hosts will give you tips on new music to check out. First up is Nick Brunner, the host of our online show Off Air which specializes in alternative rock including local artists.

Thursday, March 26, 2009