Senator Maldonado/Redistricting Reform/Letters

Senator Maldonado One of the most controversial figures in California's recent budget deal was State Senator Abel Maldonado. He was one of a handful of Republicans to break party ranks and vote with the Democratic majority in favor of last month's budget package. While he managed to secure several big concessions from the Democrats in exchange for his support, he also paid a political price. We'll talk with Sen. Maldonado.

Redistricting Reform What's happening in redistricting reform? Last November, California voters passed Proposition 11 which took the right to draw district boundaries away from lawmakers and gave it to a new Citizens Redistricting Commission. The commission doesn't yet exist and the redistricting won't happen until 2011, but a lot is happening behind the scenes and the effect of the redistricting changes could be significant.

Letters We catch up on listener emails.

Friday, March 6, 2009