Local Arts Crisis/ White House Farmer/ Chocolate Book

Local Arts Crisis The recession is hitting the region's art groups hard. Seasons have been reduced or canceled, and people laid off. Today on Insight, we'll talk about the problem with journalists who cover local arts and the director of the Sacramento arts commission.

White House Farmer The White House has all kinds of staff, but not a farmer - at least, not yet. A national campaign is trying to persuade President Obama to change that and to hire a White House farmer as part of a wider initiative to promote local, organic food. You'll meet a UC Davis graduate student who's a nominee for this unofficial position.

Chocolate Book Since people started making chocolate thousands of years ago, it's had a rich history as a stimulant, an indulgence, a social beverage, an aphrodisiac, a medicine and more. The story of chocolate has now been told in an ambitious new book by more than 100 acadmencis. It's called "Chocolate: History, Culture and Heritage." You'll meet one of the book's two editors, UC Davis professor emeritus Louis Grivetti.


Insight will not be heard on Monday, Feb. 16th to allow for a special presentation of California Lectures featuring the late John Updike.

Friday, February 13, 2009