Cruz Reynoso/ Work-at-Home Law/ Stadium Searches Suit

Cruz Reynoso A local law professor has been named to President-elect Barack Obama’s Justice and Civil Rights Agency Review Team. Today on Insight, Cruz Reynoso tells you about the team and what they plan to accomplish before Obama’s inauguration.

Work-at-Home Law Changes These are tough times for many businesses and a local city is considering a plan that would help some small businesses cut costs. This week, the Citrus Heights City Council will decide whether to loosen restrictions on people's ability to conduct business in the home. How would this work and what might it mean for the city's residential neighborhoods? City Councilwoman Jeannie Bruins joins us to discuss it.

Stadium Searches Suit When you go to a San Francisco 49ers football game, you might be patted down by security guards. The team started doing this in 2005 as part of an NFL-wide effort to reduce the risk of a terror attack. Some season-ticket holders sued, claiming the search is an unconstitutional invasion of privacy. An appeals court rejected to argument and the case is now before the California Supreme Court. McGeorge School of Law professor Ruth Jones tells you about the case and what it might mean for sporting and entertainment events in California.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009