Cache Creek Casino / Marcos Breton / Safe & Sane Fireworks

Cache Creek Casino Expansion  Cache Creek Casino is proposing an expansion that will include a hotel tower, an event center and expanded gaming. Today on Insight, we’ll talk with casino and county officials about the impact the expansion could have on Yolo County. The Casino is on a 2-lane highway west of Woodland.

Marcos Breton  We check in with Sacramento Bee Metro columnist Marcos Breton. He appears on Insight the first Wednesday of every month.

Safe & Sane Fireworks  With wildfires raging throughout California, the Governor asked state residents to consider not buying fireworks for the Fourth of July holiday. Many charities rely on the sale of "Safe & Sane" fireworks to support their endeavors in the community. What exactly are Safe & Sane fireworks and what will happen to people who set off illegal fireworks this year? Plus, you'll hear tips on how to be extra safe while lighting off legal fireworks.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008