Governor's budget/ Maze OKed/ Yolo Bypass/ Poker queens

Governor's budget  The governor just unveiled his revised budget. What cuts did he make, and who will be affected? Today on Insight, get the details from one of our own Capital Bureau reporters.

Maze OKed  The jumble of freeway bridges that recently burned in the Bay Area has been partially re-opened. After testing the structural integrity of the Interstate 880 conncector, Caltrans scientists have declared it safe to drive on. Meet the Chief Engineer and find out how they tested the weak points in the bridge.

Yolo Bypass  Many people drive by the Yolo Bypass as they make their way down I-80, between Sacramento and Davis, but few know what an important role it plays in our region. From flood control to wildlife preservation to rice farming - find out why the Bypass is not something to just pass by, and learn how a dry year like this one affects the wildlife populations and area farmers.

Poker queens  Poker has become much more mainstream over the last few years, and women are increasingly taking up the game. Meet a local poker radio show host who calls herself the "Queen of Hearts" and a Folsom woman who hopes to go pro.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007