Cancer cooking communities/ Strange news/ Landis update

Cancer cooking communities   Retired Sac State criminal justice professor Miki Vohryzek-Bolden has written about criminals and terrorism, but her new book, about cooking for cancer patients and their families, is closest to her heart. Today on Insight, find out about "Cooking Communities for Cancer Patients: Celebrations of Health and Hope" and hear about the movement she’s trying to start to get communities cooking.

Strange news   Why is the liberal Sacramento News and Review printing paid inserts from the conservative Sacramento Union? We’ll talk with SNR's President and CEO Jeff von Kaenel and the Union's Editor and Pubilsher, Jim Dutra. Plus, find out what's been happening with the Union since its return in 2004 and what Dutra has planned.

Landis update  A 10-day hearing regarding doping allegations involving the 2006 Tour de France winner Lloyd Flandis gets underway in Malibu today. Local cycling writer James Raia, who recently interviewed Landis, tells you about it.

Monday, May 14, 2007