Risky journalism / Animal-assisted therapy/ Fit for work

Risky journalism   Unbeknownst to many, disappointed readers of the Sacramento Bee have an alternative to writing an angry letter to the editor: Become an editor, themselves. At least for a week or so. Find out about The Bee's Dr. Risk program, which lets members of the public help decide what goes on the front page. 

Animal-assisted therapy   Learn how dogs and cats are helping kids in Sacramento’s juvenile hall.  Today on Insight, meet the president of Lend a Heart, a local charity that brings pets to people in need.  Find out why animal-assisted therapy (AAT) is succeeding where other programs have failed.

Fit for work   The warming weather means out with the turtleneck sweaters and long pants and in with cooler - and more revealing - clothing. Find out what trends are ok to wear at the office this summer, and what clothes should stay in your closet until the weekend.

Monday, May 7, 2007