Boxing knock-out/ Tundra toilet/ Goodbye, Benjamin

Boxing knock-out  Carrie Williams-Nunez is owner of Sacramento's successful Prime Time Boxing and Fitness gym and is one of the world’s only female boxing promoters. Today on Insight, she talks about the state of the sport in the area and the boxing programs she's developed to help children in the community.

Tundra toilet  Proper human waste disposal is a challenge in the tundra, where temperatures dip to 30 below. Local student Simone Sebalo tells you how a remarkable $2,000 dollar toilet she developed is helping to solve the problem. A part time Master’s student in Environmental Engineering, the compost toilet project is her Master’s thesis project.  This show originally aired Dec. 18th, 2006.

Goodbye, Benjamin   Insight's Senior Producer, Benjamin Jonas-Keeling, is leaving Capital Public Radio tomorrow to start work at Voice of America in Washington, DC. Jonas-Keeling helped create Insight in 2004 and has played an integral role in developing the show into its present format.  Find out about Insight's beginnings and the new programming Jonas-Keeling will be developing at VOA.


Wednesday, January 31, 2007