Cutting carbon emissions / Radio stunts / Sac's top dogs

Cutting carbon emissions  California's proposed new greenhouse gas policy is being written by experts at UC Davis. Today on Insight, KXJZ Deputy Capitol Bureau Chief Jenny O'Mara tells you about politics behind Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's Executive Order, and the co-author of the study, Professor Dan Sperling, tells you how this attempt to cut carbon emissions will be different from previous initiatives.

Radio stunts  We look at the fall-out from radio station KNDN's recent water-drinking stunt that led to the death of a Sacramento woman. KXJZ reporter and host Steve Milne tells you what's ner with the case. You'll also hear from former morning show host Jeff Jensen about the pressure DJs face in their efforts to "get the ratings," and Professer Larry Levine of the McGeorge School of Law tells you about the legal implications.

Sacramento's top dogs  The American Kennel Club recently released its list of the top 10 most popular dogs nationwide, as well as in cities across the country. Local pet columnist Gina Spadafori tells you about the most popular dogs in Sacramento.


Friday, January 19, 2007