Religion and politics/ 150 year old church/ Patricia Barber

Religion and politics  Peace activist Rabbi Michael Lerner takes a stand on the interplay between religion and politics.  He's the publisher of Tikkun magazine.  

Lerner delivers a lecture tonight at 7:00 pm at Trinity Cathedral entitled "The Left Hand of God: Taking Our Country Back from the Religious Right".  Information: (916) 446-2513.

150 year old church  Sacramento's Westminster Presbyterian Church celebrates its 150th anniversary this weekend.  Today you'll learn about the church's fascinating history.

Patricia Barber  Unconventional jazz singer-songwriter Patricia Barber is said to be redefining jazz vocals.  You'll hear her today on Insight.

The Patricia Barber Trio plays through April 29th at the Mondavi Center's Studio Theatre Cabaret as part of the  part of the Allstate Studio Jazz series.  Information: (530) 754-2787.


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Wednesday, April 26, 2006