Political Bloggers / Global Health / Against All Odds

California political bloggers join host Jeffrey Callison to talk about politics and the art of the blog.   Our bloggers include Crystal Strait, President of California Young Democrats; Aaron Park, the Roseville Conservative blogger; and Ned Wigglesworth of TheRestofUs.org.  See below for links to their blogs.

The blogs our guests recommended during the program are also linked below.

Global Health  Seven years ago Dr. Soheir Stolba founded the Sacramento-based Social Health Assessment Research and Education Institute [SHARE], which awards grants supporting public health projects around the world.  Dr. Stolba speaks with Jeffrey about her personal mission to improve the health of children and women around the world, the health threats vulnerable people on our planet face, and what motivates her. 

Against All Odds  Performing Animal Welfare Society [PAWS] founder and president Pat Derby speaks about creating, and running, the northern California non-profit captive wildlife sanctuary. She is profiled in a new book, A Day in the Life of the American Woman: How We See Ourselves. The book features photographs of American women who have achieved their dreams – against all odds.

Insight will not be heard November 22nd. 

Monday, November 21, 2005