Prop 1F Wins Big

Measure bans pay raises for state lawmakers and other elected officials when the state is running a deficit.

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Lawmakers won’t be getting any more pay raises during years when the state is running a budget deficit.
That’s because voters overwhelmingly approved proposition 1F yesterday.   It passed by more than 75-percent margin. 
Republican Senator Abel Maldonado (ABLE  Mall-Duh-NAW-Doe) got 1F on the ballot in exchange for supporting the budget agreement in February. 
He says voters saw 1F as a way to get back at lawmakers for raising taxes and failing to enact budget reforms... 
“It sends a big message to the politicians that the people are disappointed.  Disappointed in Sacramento.  Disappointed in Sacramento politicians.  It sends a strong message that we need to come together...and get this budget mess resolved...”
The average pay for a California lawmaker is 116-thousand dollars, plus they get per diems when they’re in session.  That’s the highest legislative salary in the country.  Some members of the independent, California Citizens Compensation Commission that sets lawmakers salaries supported 1F.  They said it would make their job easier.