Dickinson, After Biden Meeting, Talks Stimulus

President flew west Wednesday, but officials from several California counties went back east. They met with Vice President Joe Biden to talk stimulus. We hear from Sacramento County Supervisor Roger Dickinson, who was at the meeting.

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Vice President Biden called on the counties to make sure they spend economic stimulus funds appropriately – and that they fully disclose where the money goes. 
Dickinson says he left the meeting with a better grasp of the various pots of money on the table.
Dickinson: “There’s still not a total sense of clarity about it.  At the same time, I think it’s fair to say that there are a number of blanks that are getting progressively filled in.” 
Still, Dickinson couldn’t say exactly how much money the Sacramento region will come away with – since some of the funds will be awarded through competitive grants.  Instead, he gave a rough guess of “well over a hundred million dollars.”
He says despite several recent rounds of budget cuts, county departments will have enough staff to apply for the money before upcoming deadlines.