Despite Protests, Horse Roundup Starts in Northern Nevada

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(Reno, NV)
Monday, December 28, 2009
Federal officials say the roundup is needed because there are too many wild horses for the rangeland to support. But critics say cattle are the real problem. They claim the Bureau of Land Management wants to remove the wild horses so more cattle can graze. BLM spokeswoman Jo Lynn Worley says that’s not true.
Worley: “We will always have wild horses on public lands in Nevada. Our goal is to have the numbers of horses in these herd areas that the forage and water can support.”
The roundup will begin in the Calico Mountains north of Reno and will take two months. It’s part of a plan to remove thousands of wild horses from public lands across the West. The BLM estimates about 37,000 wild mustangs live in the West. Half of those live in Nevada. Protests are planned this week in San Francisco and Chicago.