Seven Arena Proposals Include Multiple Bids for Railyards, Downtown

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, December 24, 2009
The proposals trickled in right up to the deadline – including two at the very last minute.  Task Force co-chair Chris Lehane says some of them are for the same locations – like a certain part of downtown Sacramento and the sprawling Railyards development just to the north.  Lehane also says the panel will examine two sites that didn’t get proposed: the current Arco Arena location in Natomas; and Cal Expo, where the NBA is locked in talks with the board that runs the state fair.
Lehane: “Obviously, it’s early on in the process. We will go through the series of hearings and review the various proposals made before us. But the bottom line is we have gotten a number of proposals, and we’re very excited about it.”
Lehane declined to give out any details about who’s behind the submissions or their exact locations until early next week.  But Railyards developer Thomas Enterprises has told Capital Public Radio it’s applying.
The task force will hold an open house in mid-January, where backers of each bid will explain their proposals to the public.  A final recommendation to the mayor is set for late March.