City Consultant: Overhaul Westfield Mall to Improve Downtown

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, December 21, 2009
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Midge McCauley is the consultant who wrote the report.  She’s with the Washington, DC-based firm Downtown Works. She says the city should not allow the Westfield Mall to remain in its current form, where it blocks K Street between 7th and 5th.
McCauley: “I think it’s gonna have to come back as something different. And in my opinion, I would look at mixed-use buildings that are street-focused. Wouldn’t it be great to have eight blocks of good shopping downtown, keeping people out on the streets and visible.”
But Westfield doesn’t agree – and that’s one reason officials have told Mayor Kevin Johnson they’re willing to listen to sales offers for the property.
Other recommendations include focusing on trendy shops over trendy nightclubs and new retail over new hotels.