Business Journal: Rancho Cordova, Sac County Reach Annexation Deal

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, December 16, 2009
The still-evolving city will annex about 770 acres in the so-called finger area, which includes the 11-story Marriott hotel and the Costco Wholesale store on Sunrise Boulevard to furniture row on Folsom Boulevard.  Sacramento County and Rancho Cordova officials reached an agreement that will allow the 770 acres to join the city as part of a complex and detailed revenue pact.
The soon-to-be annexed area generates almost $10 million in property, sales and bed taxes every year. Businesses and dozen registered voters in the annexed area will be able to keep their current addresses, but become Rancho Cordova residents and enjoy faster police service and road maintenance.
The deal ends a four-year fight between the city and county, which will divide the revenue.