Swine Flu Still Widespread in California

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, December 10, 2009
A few months ago almost all states were reporting widespread swine flu, now it’s down to half of states. But the director of the California Department of Public Health, Dr. Mark Horton, says the H1N1 virus is still a threat here.
“We are one of the 25 states that are still reporting that we have widespread illness here in California. So we don’t want to put down our guard at all.”
Horton says there has been some decline in the swine flu activity. He says doctor’s offices watching for the virus report four percent of patients are showing flu-like illness. That’s a 50 percent drop from earlier this fall. But Horton warns there could be a resurgence of swine flu during the holidays. There have been 397 reported deaths from the H1N1 virus in California.