Local Professor Disputes McCartney's Meatless Mondays

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, December 8, 2009
The former Beatle recently helped launch a global campaign called “Meatless Mondays”.
“Join us in this effort. Reduce meat. Cut it out on Mondays.”
The famous vegetarian says meat and dairy production accounts for up to 15-percent of global greenhouse gas emissions. But a UC Davis researcher who studies the impacts of livestock on air quality rejects McCartney’s claim.
“I value him very much as a musician but not as a climatologist.”
Frank Mitloehner says McCartney’s adding up emissions from farm to table. Mitloehner says in the US, meat production alone only accounts for about one-and-a-half percent of greenhouse gas emissions.
“If now people would go ahead and eat one day less meat, what would that amount to? Probably a tenth-of-a-percent. So, if people really want to make a change they should think about their contribution to burning fossil fuels which we know are the main contributors to climate change.”
And Mitloehner says producing less meat and milk will only mean more hunger in poor countries.